Grand Piano Soundscapes

The concert

The project is based on a piano recording done in 2016.

In the project I reach for my sensation of the physical interaction with the piano. What my body did and how I played the instrument. That, as well as my memory and sensation of what I auditory perceived during the recording is the framework from where I develop new material.

It discusses and explores the understanding of time and memory both during and after a performance. My aim is not to re-representify the sound from the recording. It is not about explicit remembering it, but about using my kinesthetic memory as a subtile framework for a new movement, new sound and new sensation.

The next step of the project, the next concert, can –  and can not – be called new material.

Challenge 1

Sense my here and now during an improvisation and yet consciously or unconsciously connect to memory from the past.

Challenge 2

Performing the complex process of intuitive composing – yet be sensory aware and open to whatever happens there and then.